Welcome to Mitra Anderson-Oliver, Head of Urban Design & Strategy

She'll be helping us deliver complex and ambitious new urban programs that create real impact, both for our investors and the wider community.

Published: March 31, 2019

We have known Mitra for a while, and we really could not be more thrilled she’s joined the real estate team.

She draws on more than a decade’s experience implementing and advising on urban design, climate change and housing policy.

Before joining IIG, Mitra was an adviser to the Victorian State Government. She was instrumental bringing to life groundbreaking urban policy and legislation, including for affordable housing, improvement of apartment standards and protection of urban waterways. She also played a lead role in reshaping some of Melbourne’s major urban renewal precincts, including Fishermans Bend and Arden.

She’s got plenty more arrows in her quiver. Check out her full bio, or read her journal articles via LinkedIn

As is our habit, we asked why she took the role. She said;

It’s quite a trick to be sincere and avoid the cliché and I’m not certain that I’ve quite nailed it. My short answer would be: it’s my dream job.

I think buildings and the precincts they sit in shape the way we think, feel and act – towards ourselves, others and our environment. IIG is part of an Australian network resetting the dial on what the community should expect from developers, and the places they create. I’ve joined IIG to be a part of that – and a part of expanding our remit to city-shaping projects that leave a legacy for future generations. We are building the change we want to see in the world.