Fergus Pitt

Head of Strategic Communications

Fergus Pitt is the custodian of IIG’s brand and narrative, across all channels and platforms.

He joined IIG in 2016, with 17 years experience in journalism, policy analysis, research and development, and digital product management.

As the head of strategic communications, Fergus is responsible for bringing the company’s perspective to public and private debates about the built environment, energy policy, and responsible investing. He also oversees the design and expression of our investment and property marketing.

Fergus Pitt held various positions at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation starting as a fill-in radio producer and ending as a senior executive leading a team of designers, developers and product managers. He was a senior research fellow at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, and a freelance policy analyst at the independent progressive think tank The Australia Institute.

He holds a Master of Arts in Business and Economics Journalism from Columbia University, where he was awarded the C.J. Starr Scholarship, and a BA in Journalism from RMIT.