Our Investment Process

The Giant Leap investment process, from go to whoa.

Published: August 1, 2016

We can't wait to get started with you.

Reading through our approach is a good way to make our relationship start well.

  1. Send us your deck
    Email your deck to us at enquiries@giantleapfund.vc. We screen it against our investment criteria (both financial and impact) and aim to get back to you within a week. Even if we don’t think there’s a fit, we will explain to you why.
  2. We meet in real life
    If we do think there’s a fit, we organise to meet you in person.
  3. Our Venture Partners Vote
    We decide on a rolling basis on which investment opportunities to move forward with.
  4. We Agree On Terms
    We summarise our agreement in a term sheet. This will still be subject to due diligence and internal approvals.
  5. We Do Our Due Dilligence
    We spend some time looking under the hood. We target a due diligence period of four weeks following a signed term sheet, which culminates in sign-off from our Venture Partners and IIG’s Investment Committee.
  6. We sign on the dotted line and get the funds to you
    We execute all the investment documentation and aim to have your funds to you as soon as possible after that.

Giant Leap also runs Office Hours on a weekly basis at a number of locations in Melbourne and Sydney. The purpose of Office Hours is not for founders to pitch to us, rather to get insight into the process of raising venture capital from impact investors and / or receiving advice and connections to help you succeed.