Our 2019 Impact Report

We share our organisation’s impact performance, approach to impact management and measurement.

Published: October 14, 2019

From our Chief Impact Officer - Dr Erin Castellas

We are happy to share our first organisation-wide impact report to show how we’re thinking about impact and share some highlights of our impact performance.

The aim of this report is transparency — a chance for us to share our impact without being worried about perfection. Impact management and measurement is an emerging and evolving space, and we believe it’s time to lift the curtain and share our thinking and approaches.

Download and read the full report.

Do get in touch with us if you are inspired to join us in a conversation about the impact we can make together and what we might also learn from you.

Our Impact At A Glance

We use The Impact Management Project’s framework to help us to screen investments, manage and assess our impact performance
This is an assessment of our overall portfolio; the investments and projects within all of our products.
IIG's Portfolio ranges from avoided harm to contributing to solutions.


Some of our portfolio’s Impact Metric Highlights

Mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


$1 million estimated healthcare savings in FY19 from improved treatment plan adherence. Cumulative: $1.2 million to date (since Jan 2018)

1,020 avoided pollution-related illnesses in FY19.
Cumulative: 2,053 to date (since FY16)

SDG 4639 education program graduates in FY19.

99,583 MW-hours of clean electricity generated
in FY19 (equivalent to the electricity consumed by 17,504 Australian homes in a year — more than enough to power all the homes in the suburb of St Kilda).
SDG 8$6.9 million gross sales volume generated for independent retailers
in FY19.

Cumulative: $15 million (FY17–19)

SDG 103 properties targeting 5-star NABERS Energy ratings.

2 properties targeting the maximum- possible 6-star GBCA Green Star certification.

2 properties targeting highest- possible Platinum WELL rating for occupants’ wellbeing.

SDG 12137.6 tonnes waste diverted from landfill in FY19 (more than 19 garbage truck-loads!).

SDG 13217,970 tonnes of CO2-e emissions removed or abated
in FY19 (equivalent to taking 46,000 cars off the road for a year).

Cumulative: 328,128 tonnes to date

Please download the full impact report for sources, footnotes, methodology and more background.