We opened the Swan Hill Solar Farm

Clean electricity for around 6,000 average Australian homes.

Published: July 24, 2018

The Swan Hill Solar Farm, one of the seed assets in our latest renewables fund, was opened by the local mayor, Les McPhee.

We expect the solar farm to provide clean electricity for the equivalent of approximately 6,050 Australian homes and have a 30-year life.

The project contributed more than 59 jobs through construction, and over the Solar Farm’s life it will generate more than 60 operations job years.

Our Head of Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Lane Crockett, said “We’re extremely proud of the Swan Hill Solar Farm, its contribution to the local economy, and Australia’s clean energy system.

“In comparison to a coal-fired plant, this Solar Farm will save approximately 155 million litres of water each year – a resource that gets more precious with each passing year.

“As Australia moves away from its old, polluting coal fired power plants, it will need new electricity generators. That transition could mean dozens of projects like this one; we’d love to see a new boom of solar jobs, not just in Victoria, but across the country.”

“People in this area see the effects of climate change first-hand, but they could be seeing more new, innovative projects like this that are part of the solution.”

Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor Les McPhee said this was an important renewable power generation facility for our region.

“This project is not only significant in terms of economic benefit and local job creation, but also in the flow-on business development opportunities and lowering our carbon footprint.

“IIG have shown great confidence in the region and are the first to complete their build and start generating power.

“They have been absolutely fantastic to work with and now we’re looking forward to a cleaner, greener future.”

Victorian Renewable Energy Advocate, Simon Corbell, said “Swan Hill solar farm is directly contributing to the growth of large scale renewable energy in Victoria and will contribute to towards achieving the Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 40% renewable energy by 2025.

“With the Australian Energy Market Operator having confirmed that Victoria is capturing the largest share of renewable energy growth of any jurisdiction, at 38%, we can expect many more projects like Swan Hill Solar Farm into the future.”