Renewable Energy fund

IIG Wind Trust

IIG's first renewable energy infrastructure investment.

About the Trust

The IIG Wind Trust is one of three equal shareholders in the Chepstowe Wind Farm, a three-turbine clean electricity generator west of Ballarat in Victoria. The Trust was our first syndicated renewable energy investment, opened for investment in June 2014. Through related entities, we remain a co-investor in the Trust. It is an illiquid investment that is closed to new investors.

The Trust provided debt and equity to help fund the wind farm’s construction, which was completed in April 2015. Its underlying source of revenue is the wind farm’s 10-year Power Purchase Agreement with Hydro Tasmania. The Trust has a forecast term of 25 years, although we intend to facilitate an exit for investors within 10 years of commencement.

Through its shareholding in the Chepstowe Wind Farm, the Trust is helping generate clean energy for Australia, reducing demand for coal-fired power, thereby avoiding emissions of CO2 and other environmental toxins such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, mercury and particulate matter (i.e. fly ash). The Wind Farm operators have also contributed to biodiversity initiatives to re-establish breeding wetlands for the native Brolga cranes, whose local populations have been under threat.

Key Features
Estimated IRR over Trust Term 12.4% IRR
Estimated yield average 7.8% Yield
Intended Investment Term 7 Years

The Asset

Chepstowe Wind Farm During Construction

Chepstowe Wind Farm

A three-turbine wind farm west of Ballarat in Victoria.
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