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The IIG Kensington Property Trust

A Trust that owns the three Younghusband properties, and is intended to invest in a major long term rejuvenation, targeting significant capital growth.

About the Trust

The IIG Kensington Property Trust is an investment in the Younghusband Woolstore and two neighbouring properties in Kensington, Victoria. 

The Trust is intended to have a term of more than ten years. The initial offer raised the capital to purchase the properties. In the first phases of the Trust, we are intending to plan and execute the rejuvenation of the Woolstore. In later phases we intend to develop the neighbouring properties, with new modern commercial, educational buildings and urban parkland. To fund this, we expect to raise additional capital.

Our objective, over the full term, is to achieve capital growth, with the potential for income distributions in later years when the rejuvenation and developments are complete.

Key Features
Target IRR 12-18%
Intended Term 10+ Years
Unit Price $1.12 as of June 30 2018

The Asset

Rejuvenation Pending


A project to deliver a carbon and water-neutral mixed use precinct, rejuvenating a historic
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