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The IIG Kensington Property Trust

Younghusband - A Beautiful Industrial Village For The Common Good.

The Kensington Property Trust has suspended work on the rejuvenation of Younghusband. For more details please get in touch.

The IIG Kensington Property Trust’s Objective:
To grow, through staged rejuvenation of three Properties in Kensington, the Trust’s ability to generate returns from rental revenue, and deliver environmental and social benefits.

The Opportunity

The underlying forces supporting the investment.

Younghusband is in Melbourne’s Inner Northwest Growth Corridor

The state and city government’s Arden Macaulay 30-year vision includes:

  • Jobs in the area more than doubling
  • Residents in the area more than tripling
  • Building new public transport, including the metro station at Arden central
  • Creating new parkland, recreation areas, habitat protection and improved walking and cycling links
  • Sustainable development, with a particular focus on the built environment.

Younghusband has exceptional transport connectivity

  • A five-minute walk to Kensington station
  • Walking distance to Upfield, Craigieburn, Werribee and Williamstown train lines
  • Well-served by cycling lanes, with extensive bike-parking on site
  • 20-minute drive to Melbourne Airport
  • Close to Citylink, Arden St and Dynan Road
  • 2.5 km from the Melbourne CBD

Key Property Information *

Total Site Area
~15,754 sqm
Target NLA for Stage 1
17,848 sqm
Target NLA all Stages [6]
50,000+ sqm
Melbourne Planning Scheme Zone
Commercial Zone 2
Stage 1 Development Application

Seed Assets

Under Management


Asset Type

Mixed Use Commercial Real Estate


2-50 Elizabeth Street, Kensington, Victoria
1-7 Elizabeth Street, Kensington, Victoria
2-12 Barrett Street, Kensington, Victoria

Acquisition Cost

$30.25 million

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[*] Property and Trust Information presented here are based on current assumptions, and may change. Further details will be set out in the relevant disclosure document for the offer. Please refer to the disclaimer below.


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