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A recruitment platform that removes unconscious bias from the hiring process.

Published: December 11, 2018

Kate Glazebrook started Applied with a remarkably simple mission: To help organisations find the best person for every job irrespective of their background.

Research indicates that traditional recruitment practices are unfair due to unconscious biases of decision-makers.

For example, numerous studies demonstrate people from minority backgrounds are less likely to be interviewed or given jobs than non-minority applicants with equal qualifications. Gender inequality is similarly ingrained in Australia’s working culture. Women make up just 26.2% of ASX 200 boards and the female workforce participation rate is, on the whole, lower than men (59.3% and 70.4% respectively).

Applied is a recruitment platform designed to test what counts and debias the recruitment process using world-leading behavioural science spun out from the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, which levels the playing field for bias-affected groups

This leads to higher quality, longer term hires that create value for Applied customers.

See founder, Kate Glazebrook, talk about why hiring is broken in her TEDx talk here.


Number of candidates that would not have been hired without the Applied platform.
Action Remove unconscious bias from the hiring process.
Candidates that would not have been hired without the Applied platform (est.) 487 people