Our investments conserve and restore the natural environment, supporting a resource base and vital living spaces for current and future generations.

Our investments promote social equity, supporting politically stable societies and strong economies, and the opportunity for all to enjoy a good standard of living. 

 We are committed to comprehensively tracking and reporting upon the social and environmental performance of the investments that we manage across asset classes. We design custom indicators to measure outputs and outcomes for each investment and we also draw upon industry standards such as the IRIS catalogue of generally accepted performance metrics to identify indicators that are both appropriate and useful.

For each new investment, we assess three components relevant to impact.

  1. Impact Capacity. We look at an entity’s effectiveness in creating impact in the past, their impact management strategies and tools, and their practices and procedures for capturing outcomes and measuring success.
  2. Impact Realisation. We consider the beneficiaries – whether people or the environment - of the entity’s activities, and assess the likelihood that benefits will be realised. We also consider cost per unit of impact.
  3. Impact Catalysation. We consider the broader benefits that are likely to accrue as a result of the investment, including whether the investment will catalyse positive long-term social or environmental change in an area, demographic or industry.

Environmental Sustainability



            Mission                         Potential investment targets                                    


Slow global warming and ocean acidification by reducing greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions

  • Net zero carbon equivalent emissions
  • Zero aerosol emissions


Collect, consume and release water in an ecologically sound way

  • Net zero water consumption
  • 100% grey and storm water managed onsite


Development of a materials market in which negative ecosystem impacts are minimised, and human health, prosperity and dignity are enhanced

  • No Red List materials
  • Embodied carbon dioxide offset of 100%
  • Conservation/reuse is paramount
  • Responsible industry sourcing
  • Appropriate geographical sourcing
  • 95% + waste diversion


Foster a balanced co-existence with nature by protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystem health

  • No net negative impact on at risk species
  • Conserve, protect and connect natural habitat
  • Protect and restore native/endemic species
  • Reduce/eliminate invasive introduced species

Land use

Restore a sustainable interface between the natural and built environments by reserving productive agricultural land, fostering compact, connected communities and cities, and protecting and restoring natural habitat

  • No development on sensitive ecological habitat, prime farmland or within the 100 year flood plan
  • Ecosystem to be left in better health than how it was found

Social Equity



Potential investment targets


Foster a society in which everyone has access to the opportunities necessary to satisfy their essential needs, advance their wellbeing and achieve their full potential

  • No discrimination or limitation on the basis of gender, race, income, age, sexual orientation, place of birth or upbringing


Bolster inclusive broad-based economic development to create economic choice and opportunity and underpin the widespread experience of a good standard of living.

  • Eliminate concentrations of disadvantage
  • Full employment (6% or less unemployment)
  • 100% of enterprises are B Corporations or equivalent
  • 5% revenue invested in R&D, knowledge sharing and innovation


Enhance inclusive broad-based economic development to create economic choice and opportunity and create a foundation for a good standard of living

  • Universal access to a quality and relevant education
  • Improved educational outcomes and employment prospects

Place and vitality

Cultivate beauty, culture and connectedness as sources of inspiration, authenticity, community spirit and citizenship

  • Abundant pathways to participatory citizenship
  • Access to art and cultural expression
  • Diverse opportunities for social interaction, debate and collaboration

Health and wellbeing

Broaden the experience of a high quality of life through physical and mental health, safety, nourishing food and healthful environments

Universal access to

  • quality healthcare
  • sufficient wholefoods
  • an active lifestyle
  • sunlight, good air quality and a healthy local ecosystem