How does Impact Investing work?

Impact Investment Group is making more Australians aware of the benefits of impact investing.

We deliver good financial returns, which means mainstream investors are investing more capital and so are their networks. We achieve positive social and environmental outcomes, which means values-based investors are investing more capital and so are their networks.

Not only are more investors choosing the impact investment model, mainstream fund managers are also recognising the value delivered by impact investing. More investment know-how moving into the impact investment sector means more opportunity and choice for investors.

This positive feedback loop grows the profile of impact investing and shifts more and more capital into impact investments. More capital in the impact investment space means stronger, richer economies, societies and environments.

Our investment platforms

Impact Investment Group currently invests in property and real assets, particularly renewable energy. In the future we will leverage our expertise to expand into private equity and other asset classes.

We provide capital to both mainstream and underserved markets, offering attractive risk-adjusted financial returns.

When assessing investment opportunities, Impact Investment Group considers both the investment’s prospects for a healthy return and its social and environmental intention.

We assess the expertise of the managers and teams behind an asset or service, and any return or risk hurdles. We compare prospective returns with similar investments, analyse the entity’s track record and competitive advantage, and identify and optimise financing mechanisms.

Impact Investment Group prioritises investing with B Corporations. This means that the social and environmental intention of the investment has already been certified. We then further assess the investment against our own impact scorecard, and develop a strategy for enhancing impact over the term of the investment. We look for clear exits and the investment’s prospects of providing a long-term economic, social and environmental legacy.

Impact Investment Group does not invest in assets, services or industries that we determine have detrimental social or environmental impacts when assessed against our impact scorecard.